Great Real Estate Blog Site!!! Big Time Listings!!

Got to support my fellow bloggers. I found this amazing blog site called Berg Properties. It talks about the rich, the famous, and the movers and shakers buying and selling mega mega million dollar properties. It’s a wonderful source for all you real estates junkies.¬†

Pictured here is Donald Trump’s “Ex” Palm Beach, Florida estate Maison De L’Amitie which means House of Friends. Trump has reportedly put his “House of Friends” ¬†into contract for $100,000,000 per the Berg Properties blog site. Has the real estate market softened for Mr. T?? Trump was asking $125,000,000 says Berg Properties. Other media outlets have reported that the house did in fact sell. Even though he took a $25,000,000 reduction, I’m sure he made a few bucks at the end of the day. Come on… It’s The Donald

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